Registration of brand, proposal and invention in Turkey.

  • Selecting suitable trade name capable of being a brand.
  • Selecting suitable visual items including: logo, company color, motto and suitable characters
  • Brand registration and proposal and invention registration.

Another service by Astrust is to register trade name or brand and also registration of proposal and inventions in turkey. We can do that completely legal and defendable.

Astrust is not only an executive company, many people would be able to do these services for you, Astrust can give you a lot of suggestions by having the knowledge and experience in the field of branding. Astrust can provide you with suitable counseling before you decide about your trade name. We can help in different steps including:

  • Proposing suitable trade name capable of being a brand according to the business.
  • Selecting suitable visual identity including logo, company color, motto and characterization etc.
  • Proposal and invention registration in turkey is another service by Astrust.

Another service by Astrust in this field is to register some of the Iranian machine made carpet designs in Turkey. In other words, we can register carpet designs in Turkey. We do it base on the order by some Iranian producers of machine made carpet.

This can avoid the designs to be copied. We advise to register all special carpet designs especially designs of machine made carpets in other countries. Astrust can help you register carpet designs in Turkey