• Stand construction and stand design active since 2008
  • The experience of constructing stand in Germany, Turkey, China, UAE and Russia
  • Having the possibility to construct stands in Turkey, Iran and any other parts of the world.

Astrust Company has been active in the field of stand construction and stand design since 2008.

This company can give several different services including:

Consulting and constructing the stands in different exhibitions. This company has the experience of constructing different stands in Germany, Turkey, China, AUE and Russia.

The stand construction team of Astrust Company can give services in the field of stand construction and stand design in different parts of the world (including Iran and Turkey).

What is the first point that would come to your mind from each exhibition?  

Naturally stand! The most important part of an exhibition is your stand.  Actually stand is your office. It can show your imagination, brand, performance and the personality of your business. Stand and the activities that you do on your stand can show and introduce your brand and your identity to the visitors and other exhibitors. Stand for each business is just like the suit you wear.

The more beautiful and precise and clever choices in this field, the more and higher and more intelligent image of you will be presented to your visitors. One of the most important points in this field is that your stand must be designed exactly according to the purposes of your presence in that exhibition. Stand construction is one of the vital parts of attending in exhibitions. Because of this the designers of Astrust try to create great design for your stand only after they have checked your goals of attending the exhibition.

A part from designing, construction materials and construction method can be really effective, so Astrust Company can give you very good services in this field just because of cooperating with very experienced designers and experts in this field.

Astrust Company can give you services in both parts of design and construction and you can benefit from skilled and intelligent team of experts in this field.  Our company started stand construction in 2006 in capital city of Tehran under the brand of “Parsian Soroush Khat Khati” and the only advertisement we present for the quality of our projects is the introduction of projects done by this stand construction agency with the ranking Grade A.

Visiting (checking, displaying) some of Astrust’s projects under the brand of KHAT KHATI in Iran.
Astrust’s projects in Iran
Visiting some of Astrust’s projects out of Iran.
Astrust’s projects out of Iran