Registering company in Turkey

  • Legal registration of a company in turkey.
  • Counseling on selecting the field and the amount of investment.
  • Tax counseling according to the law of Turkey.

One of the basic elements of doing commercial activities in each country is doing a legal process to register a company and delivering correct information and data to tax organization. Registration of a company according to the rules and regulations need a lot of knowledge and experience and very experienced lawyers are capable of doing that. They are issues including name of the company, how to select company activities, suitable counseling about investment, capital and etc.

Astrust can give suitable and professional counseling to its customers in this field and also in the field of company registration and related affairs to that. We can select very experienced lawyers to do the project for our customers. The group of activities which Astrust can provide for its customers in the field of company registration are as follows:

Telephone counseling and informing customers about related documents to registering a company and counseling sessions to do the process much better and how to select the activity of the company and how to do the registration process