Branding and marketing consulting

  • Being active in Iran and Turkey since 2008
  • Private branding and marketing consulting
  • Branding
  • Administrating seminars and workshops

Astrust Company has been officially active in the field of branding and marketing consulting since 2008.

Private consulting, administrating seminars and workshops are parts of Astrust’s activities in Iran and Turkey.

Why do we need marketing and branding?

Marketing helps us to consider several items including: products and services. Suitable and affordable budget and then by using this science we can choose a suitable message which can be sent to our customers at a suitable time through suitable ways. This science can help us have great customers with the least troubles.  This science teaches us how to make better customers out of present ones. Creating a brand is an important part of different businesses these days in other words business companies are looking for marketing and have more relationship with their customers and finally they are looking for creating mental image in their customer’s minds.

Brand is something different from a logo, a brief name. Brand is the identity of your business and also it can define customer’s personality. Don’t overestimate branding. In Astrust’s consulting department we help you to do branding and marketing in an effective way.