According to our 20 years of experience in the field of advertisement, Astrust believes that being seen is not enough in order to compete with professional, we need to look different. Design and printing play an effective role in professional advertisement and displaying your brand.

According to our experience in the field of advertisement and our cooperation with the best publishing companies in Istanbul we can help our clients to take effective steps in order to make their brands memorable. Some of the services of graphic design department:

  • Designing and defining corporate visual identity
  • Designing logo and logotype
  • Designing and printing catalogue, folder, brochures and advertising posters
  • Design and printing the package of products
  • Designing and printing advertising billboards
  • Graphic design of Web pages
  • Design adn printing exhibition facilities: Stand, Pup up, Counter, Banner

All these items can be delivered in Istanbul, Tehran, Kashan.