• Providing translator and doing stand management affairs.
  • Providing translator, providing presenter master in different languages.
  • Teaching basic rules of stand management, basic rules of business presentation.
  • Equipping and designing stand in different exhibitions in Istanbul and other cities in turkey.
  • Providing different kinds of services for exhibitors in trade exhibitions in turkey including reservation and equipping the stand, design and printing and installation of accessories and providing different kinds of facilities.

Based on our experience in the field of exhibitions Astrust can give several services to its clients including counseling and teaching in this field also we can help our clients in order to provide skillful presenter for exhibitions. in order to provide skillful presenters who can speak different languages.

We can also provide different kinds of exhibition facilities for our clients in other words:

  • we can providing and making stand in Istanbul
  • printing and designing and installation of exhibition facilities and accessories including stand pop-up, counter, Exhibition in turkey.
  • Stand reservation in exhibition in Istanbul.
  • Counseling and teaching the basic rules of stand management in foreign exhibition specially the exhibitions in turkey.